We use CNC controlled water jet cutting to process all types of materials

One of the gentle ways of cutting flat sheet and sheet materials is water jet cutting, where the high pressure water jet is capable of machining almost any base material without any heat load, cutting any shape or component from it with high precision in an environmentally friendly manner.

In the case of water jet cutting, abrasive water jet cutting is now common in the industry, where, under thousands of bars of water pressure, fine abrasive grains, sand, granite mixed with water are separated. The small diameter supersonic velocity jet of water collides with the surface of the material being processed to continuously remove small particles of material and cut material up to 100 mm thick relatively quickly.

The great advantage of water jet cutting is that it can process the material without heat input, the resulting temperature rise is minimal, no heat load, the cut surface and its surroundings are not damaged or changed. Water jet cutting also makes it easy to cut materials that are sensitive to temperature, such as wood, rubber, sponge, plastics.

Water jet cutting is the most versatile material separation process in terms of the range of materials that can be cut, as it is capable of high precision cutting of almost any material, including delicate, brittle, high hardness materials.

Here are some examples of cutting materials:

  • iron and other ferrous metals (for example, steel, medical steel, corrosion-resistant steel, high-speed steel, etc.) in any hardening or other treatment phase
    aluminum, bronze, yellow and copper, titanium, lead, etc.
  • precious metals (silver, gold, platinum, etc.)
  • marble, granite
  • ceramic and other ceramic-based materials (for example, tiles)
  • concrete, brick, plaster and other construction materials
  • wood
  • food (when separating frozen meats, industrial products)
  • plastics and plastic derivatives (for example, rubber, teflon, vinyl, foams, etc.)
  • Teflon
  • tire
  • sponge
  • glass, fiberglass (the only thing that cannot be cut: toughened glass)
  • kevlar, man-made fibers